The name

VOLANTI_S is a name with many meanings, but we associate the definition as being connected with motion. The name arose on the search for a distinctive yet catchy name, that would be instantly associated with a positive, dynamic and international feel. It represents what we offer - reliability and loyalty, whilst also having a connection to the automobile and Limousine branch.
The logo of Volanti-s represents a flying horse to represent infinite motion and a steering wheel for the elegance of this movement.

The company

VOLANTI-S is recently established company, but the people employed in the company have extensive professional experience of over 20 years in the car and limousine service. This ensures that you, as the client, will only profit from the high quality service we have on offer.
Indeed, the founder of the company regularly offers limousine service and VIP assistance on an national and international level, such as recently providing a service in the soccer world championship and also at other European championships of other sports.

Hence, our portfolio is wide and includes assisting national and international events from different fields, ranging from music to sports, movie and art, economy, and also science including medicine. We are therefore a new company with old roots that is building on a long lasting experience with intensive connections in Germany and Europe.


Our philosophy

Not virtual but personal

We understand that every customer is individual, with specific demands. You will experience at our first contact that we will do our very best to meet your expectations. We will always first ask and then advise – meaning that, depending on the assignment, we will satisfy your wishes in an efficient, flexible, and professional approach. Finally we aim to provide an honest service, that we believe will result in a satisfied client. We believe our honesty will persuade you to use out services once again in the future and recommend us to others.
A very important aspect in customer service is for us to be identified by your company. The moment you hire us, then we want to easily fit into your company's ideals – this is how strong partnerships develop after all!
As such, we promise to deliver a reliable, punctual, and perfectly-individualized service. Why not let us organize part of your travel, allowing you more time to concentrate on yourself and things such as your family, which are more important for you. Then, when on board one of our limousines, please lay back and enjoy the trip! You forgot flowers for your wife, your shirt is still with the cleaners, or you forgot your flight tickets? – No problem, VOLANTI-S can take care of this completely stress free, just for you.


Europe wide mobility / branches

Use our German, European, or even world-wide network and logistics for your benefit – long lasting connections with partner companies of VOLANTIS-S makes this an easy possibility.
For example, if you are in Paris and want to ride the Arc de Triumph, or if you are making vacations in Spain and want to go sightseeing or shopping, or if you are going to a business meeting in Germany, nothing is impossible with our professional Limousine service, and no way is never too far for us.

We offer our service for the following cities (including surroundings):

In Germany:


In Europe:

• SEVILLA / ESTEPA / Costa de la Luz (SPANIEN)

World wide:


In the situation when a city you would like to visit is not on the list, then please ask us and we are sure we can offer a suitable solution.


Our quality, your assurance

Your safety is very important to us. You can be assured that all of our drivers are authorised for passenger transport by local authorities (§ 49 passenger transportation act). Safety tests and driver safety training is an essential training component for all of our drivers. In addition, all of our used cars are certified for public person transport, and therefore are insured according to the German law (coverage up to 8 Million € per person).
The following safety standards and requirements are effective for our drivers:

• A valid licence for passenger transport
• Work experience with passenger transport
• At least 3 years of driving practice
• Police clearance certificate
• A continuous safety training
• A regular record of first aid courses
• An official medical report
• An annual report on drivers violations
• At least one foreign language (mostly English)
• Excellent etiquette
• A well-tended appearance
• Excellent general education



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